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Photos of the day when Mr Cameron visited our club

Frederik came from Germany to visit our beautiful Oxford! We had a great session, even the rain didn’t stop us! 

Look at his serve technique! Good backswing, right ball toss, landing on his left foot! Niceee:)

Make the most out of the summer!

It has been a lovely summer. The weather has been so good that we should not spend too much time inside. Besides our daily commitments let’s try to take some time for our hobbies, passion, sport. 

Only four-five weeks left till the new term, but it is still not too late to start something new activity in your life or bring a forgotten one out!


I met some fantastic people in the last couple of months who made up their mind to pick up the ins and outs of tennis. Their determination and willing to learn attitude to this sport are abolutely great! I only can say thank you guys, and I hope you keep doing it in the future!

If you would like me to take you into tennis do not hesitate to contact me!

Great British Tennis Weekend in Witney!


Huge success on the last weekend of June! I gave cardio tennis sessions, introduced the basics of this energetic work out! It was good to see the joy on everyone’s face!:)

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May 4

Looking for a new way to work out?

Check out this video of our Cardio Tennis session that takes place at the Excel Tennis Academy!

But what Cardio Tennis is?

Cardio Tennis is a series of tennis-based drills and activities played to up-tempo music on a tennis court. It does not require tennis skills, but is all about keeping your heart rate up, burning calories and having fun. Whether the ball goes in or out is irrelevant as the main purpose is to get fit.

It has become very popular in the last couple of years and brings many people back into the game!

The good news is that we launch a new Cardio Tennis session in North Oxford this month!

Come and join our FREE Trial Session at 9.30am on the 13th May!

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mobile: 07767874008

The weather has been so nice, so we took the opportunity to shoot a video for you!

You can watch a warm-up drill with one of my regular players Tom who is a stabil member of his famous school team, and a big fan of R.Federer!

Are you ready for Spring?

All of us are looking forward to Spring. Sunshine and more time spending outside is priceless. If we do some sport that is even better!

Why don’t you choose tennis as your outdoor activity? It’s great fun, gives you lots of skills and fitness, and of course it is a great joy!

Book your lesson now and get ready for the new season!

You won’t regret it!



The Serve!

I am doing some serves to show the right ball toss. Also you can see how we should use our whole body (trophy motion) to get the right shape! - I am serving from the service line for technical reason.

Play tennis under the sun!

Junior and adult coaching are running during the summer holiday! 

If you want to spend the break with playing tennis, it’s high time to book a tennis lesson!

Book now and get the first lesson for free! 


Mobile: 07767874008

DTT Tennis Camp in Oxford!